MFM Staff Positions
There are many ministries looking for musicians to join them fulltime. A YWAM Discipleship Training School is required to be a fulltime staff worker. It is best to contact the base and seek to build relationship with them to know if their situation is right for you.
The home base for MFM International is Santa Fe, New Mexico (USA) where the director Karen Lafferty lives. MFM does not seek to develop a large base with many staff in Santa Fe but functions as an operating location to coordinate music schools, tours, recording projects, and seminars with musicians and ministries locally and around the world. MFM Santa Fe is looking for a few committed people to work as musicians, administrators, event managers or sound technicians.


MFM is in urgent need of an administrative assistant. The network is growing so the need for an organized individual, who would love to live in the Southwest is open. Please contact the office for more information.

Staff Requirements

1) Mature Christian Character
Staff must be able to contribute practically and spiritually to the vision of MFM, other staff workers and in a local church. They must be able to live confidently in the city of Santa Fe without a strong dependence on a large YWAM community.

2) Call to Missions
MFM is a world mission organization and those who join us need to understand that our ministry requires most staff to travel internationally a few times each year. Some staff jobs, such as administration, do not require as much travel. Staff are encouraged to be active in local church ministry, but to make MFM trips and projects a priority.

3) Adequate Financial Support
$700 - $1200 per month. MFM will assist in the support raising process with those we feel are called to minister with us. Also, we encourage musicians who are worship leaders to serve with local churches who will then contribute toward missionary support. We discourage part time jobs, unless there is a strong link to the MFM vision (i.e. recording studio).

4) Skills Developed for Ministry
We DO encourage young people who may not be seasoned ministers to work with MFM; however, we do have a minimum standard of musicianship. Other positions also, such as administrators, or sound techs, must have had some prior experience. We will train for the specifics of our task but not in basic skills.

5) Mentoring
Part of the calling of MFM ministry is mentoring musicians. Those in the MFM Network (see 'MFM Network' under About US) who are seasoned ministers will seek to come along side of those who are newer to music in missions to encourage their growth.

6) Personal Vision
Those who join MFM staff need to be able to wholeheartedly embrace and serve the MFM vision; however, since part of the vision is to raiseup musicians, they will also have opportunity develop their personal visions.

Involvement in a short term project (minimum 2 weeks) is requested for those interested in applying for staff.