MFMI Missions Tours
2-4 week trip
This is a 2 to 4 week trip in which you may come as an individual musician and join a band that is being formed for a particular tour. You may also bring your own band. There are many places around the world requesting musicians. You will have to raise your own funds for each trip (average is $2000 for a 3 week tour. Costs vary according to travel and ground costs). MFM will in some cases arrange and host the tour. In other cases we will connect you with the ministry requesting musicians and you must work out the details yourself.

MFMI musicians several times a year have tours around the US or in other nations where we need additional musicians for complete the band. We need drummers, bass players, keyboardists, electric guitarists, sound techs, etc. Many times we can cover the basic expenses. If you are interested, contact us through this website.