MUSIC MINISTRY DEVELPMENT SEMINAR (University of the Nations College of Arts & Sports CTA 512)
FOCUS ON EVANGELISM - Worship ~ Songwriting ~ Recording ~ Business ~ Musicianship ~ Ministry

The Music Ministry Development Seminar (MMDS) is for Christian musicians and support personnel who desire to develop to a more professional level musically, practically and spiritually. It is an intense time of learning. Only those who are ready for a challenge to excellence should apply. Each day will be filled with instruction and application.

School of Music and Mission (SOMM) Graduates: This is an excellent follow up course to the SOMM. A focused time of growing musically, spiritually and practically to further your music ministry.

Major: Each student will choose a subject to major on. They will be given extra time to go deeper into their chosen topic.

Major Topics:
- Songwriting
- Instrument or voice (all students will have music workshops but those that MAJOR on and instrument or voice will have additional instruction and time to practice)
- Worship Leading
- Music Business and management - Finances, music publishing, booking, marketing, etc.
- Digital Recording engineering & live sound - The basics of getting around popular recording programs, Setting up a sound system. Mixing sound for a band.

General topics:
All students will receive instruction on the following topics.

After receiving instruction from songwriters who have been writing for years and have songs published with major companies. Regular times of song evaluation will be scheduled. (Note: non-musicians i.e. technical & admin students, may co-write with musicians)

Going Deeper With God
Teaching, Bible study, worship, prayer for each other, discussion of the Christian's responsibility with justice issues

Forming and Managing a Worship Team or Band
Most musicians will play their music with other musicians as part of a worship team or a band. The MMDS will teach principles from the Word of God that will help musicians be a vital and effective part of a team.

Music Publishing
All musicians who write and/or record should have a good working knowledge of music publishing. Students will learn the laws that govern publishing, how to 'shop your songs' to publishing companies and how to set up your own publishing company.

Today's technology allows musicians to set up their own digital studios using home computers. Using PROTOOLS and other Mac and PC based recording programs, students will learn how to record their own project from start to finish. They will learn how to function on both sides of the microphone.

Producing a CD
Students will learn the basics of what goes into packaging a recording. i.e. Developing a concept, choosing the right artwork, information to include, where to have it manufactured.

Managing Your Ministry
Musicians need to know how to manage bookings, budgeting, taxes, balance family and ministry, etc. Teachers will share both their personal life experiences and 'how tos'.

Developing as a Minister
Students will be guided into practical discussions about how to minister Christ to this generation worldwide. Bible study, prayer and worship will also be key elements of daily life.

Musical Development
Workshops will be offered to all on various instruments. Those majoring on an instrument will have weekly private lessons. Other music development classes offered are basic music theory, band arranging and worship leading. There will be local ministry opportunities in concerts, coffee houses and churches during the six week training phase for concert artists and worship leaders.

Music Evangelism
Communicating the Gospel through music. Types of venues and strategies for evangelism. Teaching the church how to use music evangelism. etc.

Being a Worshiping Musician
Worship should be foundational to all music ministers weather their calling is evangelism or worship leading. There will be many opportunities to learn and lead worship during the MMDS.


Or email or call, office 360 440 3847

Note: YWAMers receive 6 to 7 credits (6 for Training phase, 1 for outreach) with the University of the Nations. Non-YWAMers will receive a certificate for completion of the MMDS

MMDS Leadership
The MMDS will be lead by Karen Lafferty. Karen was one of the pioneers of Christian music as part of the “Jesus Movement” in the 70s and one of the first recording artists with Maranatha Music. She is best known in the Christian world as the composer of the scripture chorus “Seek Ye First”. She joined YWAM to form Musicians for Missions International which was based in Amsterdam, Holland for fifteen years and now is in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA. Karen has been part of the University of the Nations College of Arts & Sports leadership committee for sixteen years where she founded the School of Music in Missions at YWAM Amsterdam in 1996. The SOMM has also been run at YWAM bases in Latvia, Montana, and Santa Fe and is now held yearly in Australia and India.
The SOMM will be launched at YWAM Discovery Bay in April of 2014.
Karen started the Music Ministry Development Seminar at YWAM Santa Fe in 2005 to give music ministry training not only to YWAMers but also to local musicians. Having been a songwriter, recording and concert artist and worship leader for four decades, Karen now focuses on mentoring younger musicians in the MFM Network around the world and developing Sangre de Cristo Arts & Culture as part of YWAM Santa Fe.