School of Classical Music in Missions
University of the Nations - College of the Arts
The School of Classical Music in Missions is on hold right now while the leader is busy setting up concerts for the Symphony of Nations and other performing groups in China in 2008. It you are a classical musician who is interested in being part of a short term concert tour in China, email us through this website with a few details about yourself (i.e. what is your instrument, how long could you be available, how to reach you.) and we will forward your info to the coordinators of the China concert series.

Below is a report of the first School of Classical Music in Missions.

Kiev, Ukraine
Dates: July 3 -December 17, 2004

The Future of the School of Classical Music in Missions and The Symphony of Nations....

One of the goals of the SCMM is to teach musicians ways they can use their classical musicical skills in various ways in missions. The outrech phase of the SCMM included not only traditional venues for classical music, but also orphanages, churches, the streets, schools, etc. Although there is not currently a SCMM on the calander, musicians can have the opportunity to join one of the short term tours that are being organized for the SYMPHONY OF NATIONS. The next SON events will be focusing on Asia.