MFMI Musician in India Battling Cancer

God's Miraculous Provision

Atsu was a student in our first School of Music in Missions (SOMM) in India in 2001. She has been YWAM staff in Hydrabad, Bangalore and Lonavala. She married MC Jamatia and they both served on staff at YWAM Lonovala where Atsu was able to help Thanga Nohro with the first SOMM at that base. MC and Atsu moved back to the Northeast part of India where they are both from. They have kept in touch with Karen and MFMI as they both carried a vision to develop music and worship in Nagaland, Atsu's home state. Thanga Nohro and Karen have traveled to Nagaland to teach at a worship seminar that MC & Atsu organized with another Christian ministry. The calling and passion on their lives was apparent.

The Jamatias have been in Kohima, Nagaland for over a year now pioneering an new YWAM/MFMI work. It was during that time the Atsu noticed a lump on her breast. When she had it checked she found out she had 1st stage breast cancer. Shortly after this discovery she had a mastectomy and is now going through chemo therapy. All this has been very costly.

The first expense, to get MC & Atsu and their son Aron to Delhi, was about $1000. As Karen sent out info about this need, many of our MFMI supporters were very generous and all expenses were paid. The expense grew though.... to $6,000. But... once again... our God has been faithful to use His people in India, America and YWAM to help meet this need. All of us working for the Lord through YWAM and Musicians For Missions are very grateful for those in the Body of Christ who have stood with Atsu & MC during this difficult time. There will no doubt be more expense as Atsu continues to fight this disease. I you would like to help this young missionary couple with some of these expenses, you may donate through this website on the homepage. Mark in the memo "Atus"

Pray for the work Atsu and MC have started in Kohima to continue to grow and that she would be cancer free.

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