October 2 - 25, 2015 - Karen on tour to promote Corazon de Dios Honduras

Southwest US

Current Home Fellowship locations and dates. Message Karen Lafferty here if you would like to attend and we will email you the specific addresses or if you would like to hold a presentation of Corazon de Dios at your home or church.

~ Friday, October 2 - Hemet, California 7pm
~ Thursday, October 8 - Irvine, California 7pm

~ Open dates available for Booking - in the Southern California area - Oct 3,4, 9,10, 11, 12
~ Open dates in Las Vegas, NV Oct 12, 13
~ Open dates in Albuquerque or Santa Fe, New Mexico Area - Oct 20 - 25

What A Presentation of Corazon de Dios Involves

Karen Lafferty - Worship and Corazon de Dios Theme song (with video), Jen Bullock & Giesele Canales, who is part of Jen's ministry team in Honduras, share about the ministry through videos and personal stories.

Jennifer Bullock Websites
www.Jenbullock.com -
This is her personal Website with her bio and some of her other passions - i.e. Photography & Event Management

This is about her ministry in Honduras. She use to be on staff with YWAM with me and got us going to Honduras. As she felt called to be there full time I helped her launch Corazon de Dios. I've attached a song I've written about her ministry. Just a home recording but not too bad.

What Corazon de Dios & Jennifer Bullock do?
Jen loves to give Christians who want to serve a chance to have an incredible week of missionary work by hosting teams of 8 - 20. These teams are usually from local churches. She is located in Pena Blanca, about 1 1/2 hr out of San Pedro Sula. She's been ministering there helping lead short term trips for about 16 years so has well established contacts with churches, orphanages, other ministries and medical clinics. The first time a team from Santa Fe went down about 6 people from Pastor Gary Cowan's church, Calvary Chapel East Albuquerque, went and ended up planting a Calvary Chapel there. It's flourishing. There is a video of that trip at Karen Lafferty Music on YouTube. Here's the link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dHa7JLIXWFM&index=3&list=PL5E46F381AF78A174

Ministry to the short term teams...
Jen is good at leading teams and one of the most important times of the day is our morning devotions and prayer time before the team goes to minister. God really moves there. There is prayer for the people who the team has met, for each other and a good solid challenge in serving people by "being God's hands and feet" (that's kind of a motto of hers). We HAVE seen both older and younger people changed on these trips.

Ministries the teams do....
The ministry activities are mostly according to the giftings of the individuals on the team. A few examples of ministry opportunities are holding a vacation Bible School, building a house for a poor family, visiting the remote villages in the Mountains and going to house to house to pray for people and give food and medical supplies when needed, giving seminars for pastors and/or musicians, visiting an orphanage, helping with feeding programs, giving sermons or testimonies and leading worship in local churches. When medical people are part of the team they minister to the practical medical needs of people. Even optometrists have come and checked eyes and distributed glasses.

Partnering with Corazon de Dios...
Jen is also praying for churches and individuals who will partner with her in prayer and/or finances to support her work and the various projects Corazon de Dios does.

Hosting a presentation...
When in the US, Jen seeks to share the ministry of Corazon de Dios with as many as she can. As a photographer and videographer Jen has put together presentations that help others understand the vital work she is doing. On the California trip she is traveling with Christian Singer/songwriter Karen Lafferty, For the second part of the trip Giesele Canales who is part of Jen's ministry team in Honduras will join them. They are able to give presentations of speaking, music and videos as short as 7 - 10 min or can easily fill up an hour. Although one goal of this tour is to raise funds for the ministry, there is no high pressure to give. There is simply an opportunity given for those who desire to participate with the ministry financially. All donations are tax deductible.

Contact info...
Message Karen Lafferty from this site

The Song "Corazon de Dios" by Karen Lafferty
Karen wrote this song after hearing Jennifer Bullock's testimony of how the Lord led her to start taking in babies that were malnourished and nurse them back to health. It was a very moving story that you will hear in part through this song. Jennifer has taken in at least 4 babies from one to five months at a time. She not only helps the babies with their nutrition, but also teaches the parents how to keep their children healthy.