The MFMI Network
Musicians for Missions not only seeks to prepare musicians for ministry through our various programs, but also to partner with other musicians and ministries with various projects (i.e. tours, training and recordings). This informal way of serving has born much fruit and given us many friends around the world.

We also have a structure that connects several music ministries with each other for mutual support. This is our "MFMI Network". This network consists of those who have become associated with MFMI through a school or other project. We are committed to give prayer and practical support to one another so that each ministry represented may remain strong for the work of the Kingdom. We can highly recommend these ministries for projects you may be planning. The MFMI Network includes both seasoned ministries and some that are fairly new. Here is a list of those currently in our network. If you would like more details about their ministries, you may contact them.

The MFMI Network

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Advisory Team

Karen Lafferty (USA) YWAM Santa Fe
MFM International Director
Contact: Karen @
Ministry: Concerts, Worship Leader, Teaching, Recording, College of the Arts & Sports (CAS) Leadership Team.

Sandy & Julia Hoffman (USA) Santa Fe, New Mexico
Contact: Sandy @
Web site: www.SandyHoffman
Sandy's Ministry: Worship Leader, Teaching, Recording, Performer
Julia's Ministry: Administrator

Becky Hefty (USA) - YWAM Montana - Mission Builders International
Becky's Ministry: Fine Artist, Drama, Vocalist, Writer

Rick & Regan Homeyer (USA)
Contact: Rick.Homeyer @
Regan.Homeyer @
Rick's Ministry: Worship Leader, Pastor for RescueNet field assignments
Regan's Ministry: Worship, Teaching on Contemplative Worship, Arts Develoment

Diane Wigstone (USA) - YWAM DNA Studios Hollywood (Director)
Contact: ywamdnastudios @
Ministry: Teaching on "Discovering Your Destiny", Drama, Music, Administrator, Intercessor

Joyce Meade (USA)
Contact: jojoyme @
Ministry: School of Classical Music in Missions, Symphony of Nations, Violinist, Teacher

MFMI Network Memebers

Karen Lafferty
Sandy & Juliia Hoffman
Rick & Regan Homeyer
Diane Wigstone
Joyce Meade
Becky Hefty

John Connor
Denver, Colorado
johnaconnor @

Sabo & Brenda Jise - YWAM Perth
Contact: sa _ jiyo@
Ministry: SOMM - Perth Leader, worship, songwriter, College of Arts & Sports (CAS) Leadership Team

Valdis Indrisonoks
Contact: [email] valdis.i @
Ministry: Worship leader, songwriter, record producer

Thanga Nohro (Bangalore)
Contact [email]freddie.n @[email]
Web site [[/url]
Ministry: Worship leader, concerts, speaker, School of Music in Missions leader

Benny Prasad (Bangalore)
Contact: benny @,
Web site:
Ministry: Worldwide Concerts Solo Guitar, Recording Artist, Teaching

Isaac Thomas (Bangalore)
Ministry: Worshipleader, Indian Multicultural music.

Solomon & Mary Gadi YWAM Hydrabad
Ministry: Worship Leader, Seminar organizer

MC & Atsu Jamatia - Kohima, Nagaland
Ministries: MC - organizer, worship
Atsu - (mother) organizer, musician
mcatsu @


Adi and Semi Fisca
Ministry: Worship Leader, Sound Systems, Discipleship
addy.simmy @